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Special Workshops This Weekend 9/10 Feb!

February 6, 2019

Including Pilates 'Core' Workshop and a performance from The Cherry Stone Duo!

Including Pilates 'Core' Workshop and a performance from The Cherry Stone Duo!

Special workshops this weekend!

Just when we thought this weekend's Taoist Centre workshops were exciting enough we're honoured that Will and Emily (The Cherry Stone Duo) will be giving a short performance for us on Saturday and Clare providing a short workshop on Pilate's 'Core' work on Sunday!

Will and Emily - 'Tao' and 'Duende' from The Cherry Stone Duo

'Through a performance of a few short pieces, we hope to show you a very personal way in which we allow ourselves a true connection to the Tao. There are so many ways in which we allow our body, mind, and spirit to come together and live within the energy of the Tao; we find that music is one of the strongest portals of being able to access this power.

The Spanish culture calls this feeling and connection: "Duende" and through the power of the flamenco, they are able to access the Tao (or in their case Duende....). On Saturday we hope to share this feeling with you through a mixture of flamenco, our own compositions, and Chinese folk tunes.'

Here is their full biography:

The Cherry Stone Duo

** Getting to Know Your ‘Core’ **

How well do you understand what your ‘Core is’ and why a strong core is so important? Clare’s short workshop will allow you to gain knowledge and understanding of the muscles that make up your core, and how to engage them effectively. You will also learn about the role that the core plays in your body, both when you’re moving and when you’re still.

Clare is a qualified Modern Pilates teacher

Fee: £30 per day or £10 per hour (drop in as you can) - All Welcome!

SAT 9th February 2019- Elizabeth House Community Centre, 2 Hurlock Street, London, N5 1ED (1PM - 5PM) MAP

SUN 10th February 2019 - St Gabriel's, Glasgow Terrace, off Lupus St, Pimlico, London, SW1V 3AA (10AM - 3PM) MAP