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Schedule of Workshop 'Gifts' for our 'Open Door' Winter Course: 7 - 13 Jan 2019

December 19, 2018

Find out what's happening each day at our Mind-Body-Spirit 'Open Door' Winter Course

Find out what's happening each day at our Mind-Body-Spirit 'Open Door' Winter Course

Teachers and members of our Taoist Centre community have kindly offered to lead these sessions during our #opendoorbodymind 'Open Door' Mind-Body-Spirit Taoist Arts Winter Course:

'Energetic Immersive Dance'

(Andrea, Mon 7th - Weds 9th, 10am - 11am)
Connect with the primal feminine source and to mother Earth.

'Lifting the Pelvic Floor Workshop'

(Lesley, Mon 7th, 1.30pm - 30 mins)

'Transformative Cycles'

(Vicky, Tues 8th, 1.30pm - 30 mins)
An exploration of the power, capacities and potential of tuning into our internal cycles. Introduction of the seasonal cycles and lead a short meditation through each season to explore and feel the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effect of each one.

'The Feldenkrais Method'

(Marian, Weds 9th, 1.00pm - 20 mins)
The Feldenkrais Method is a unique, slow, mindful and relaxing way of moving with ease. It's safe for all ages and abilities, and can also be done in the imagination. We'll be using mats to lay on.

'Exploring Taoist Principles'

(Tom, Weds 9th, 1.30pm - 30 mins)
This session will use the Lishi 6 Pushing exercises with a partner to explore the different Taoist Principles and how they could be relevant in your daily life.

'Effective Communication'

(Patsy, Thurs 10th, 1.30pm - 15 mins)
Short workshop and activity on how use of language affects our effectiveness in communications. We will learn how our brains are different in the way we prefer to receive information. This means language we use and the way we impart it affects the ease with which someone receives the message. This can be useful when training/giving instructions/sharing practises.

'Reflexology Workshop'  

(Marta, Frid 11th, 1.30pm - 90 mins)
Easy and effective massage and pressure-point techniques used on the feet to restore natural balance of the body.

'Animal Tag'

(Kelda, Sat 12th, 1.30pm - 20 mins)
Trust exercise game.

'Down to Earth'

(Mem, Sun 13th, 1.30pm - 30 mins)
Session on Press Downs from the Yin Plus arts. Learning how to go down to the floor safely and working through different techniques to press your partner down to the floor from the head shoulders to using legs. We will be using different scenarios and group work.

Outside of these 'gifted' sessions, between 10am and 3pm each day, Dr Alex Boyd will be facilitating learning through his 30+ years experience of the 'Lishi' Taoist arts and his 'embodied research' travels around the world. He will be responding to our theme of 'Open Door' welcoming people who are new to the Taoist arts and experienced students and teachers alike.

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