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Taoist Centre London Weekend Workshops 3rd & 4th Nov 2018


St Gabriel's, Main Hall, Glasgow Terrace, Pimlico, London SW1V 3AA


3 & 4 Nov 2018 10am - 3pm


Minimum donation £30 per day.


Dr Alex Boyd +44(0)7753611768

About the Event

You are warmly invited to drop-in to our lovely community of practitioners to share practical ideas and Taoist ways of being for health, wellbeing and vitality. Our weekend workshops always begin with gettign to know each other through an immersive warm up dance that involves moving all of the body, breathing and energy (chi) activation. We move in ways that connect us with our own bodies, each other and the space we inhabit. Many of the movements we practise are similar to tai chi, qigong, yoga, dance and much more. The three main techniques are postural alignment, breath and energy work. 'Personal before performance' - we believe it's not always about WHAT you do but HOW you do it! This means that the personal or affective dialogue within the group is primary before the performance. This leads to a lovely virtuous atmosphere where everyone works to get along with each other. As part of this during breaks we often share food and after sessions go out for meals or walks - that's completely up to you. No pressure! Just lots of love..
Drop in from 10am on Sat 3rd or Sun 4th November 2018 from £10 per hour or £30 each day. Concessions available on request.


About the teacher: Alex Boyd is an inheritor of a Taoist movement-breath-energy practice he has immersed himself in for over 30 years. His PhD in Performance Studies has led to him become a Research Associate with the University of California, Davis. As a teacher and scholar he collaborates with indigenous and traditional embodied arts practitioners, developing international projects with UC Davis, 'Intercultural Roots' and other partners. He has trained many people to become teachers and provides professional teaching for dancers, singers, actors and also company CEO's.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the session and let the teacher know if you have a medical condition that affects you doing exercise. There will be audio-visual recording during the event, let the teacher know if you do not wish your image to be shown publicly.