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'Movement, Harmony & Spaces' Winter Workshop (Kidneys) & Creative Labs


Siobhan Davies Studios, 85 Saint George's Road, London, England, SE1 6E


11th January, 2020 Sat from 12 noon - 2pm (5pm optional)


Only £15 for the two hour workshop! You are also invited to a practitioner lab from 3 - 5pm for £15 with a Day Pass discounted to £25.


Drs Alex Boyd & Andrea Maciel

About the Event

You are invited to attend:

'Movement, Harmony & Spaces' Qigong-Dance and Practitioner Lab Workshops

Saturday, January 11, 2020 from 12.00 NOON - 5.00 PM
(Workshop 12 - 2pm, lunch break 2 - 3pm, Practitioner Lab 3 - 5pm)
with Drs. Alex Boyd & Andrea Maciel
@ Siobhan Davies Studios, 85 Saint George's Road, London  SE1 6E (nearest Tube: Elephant & Castle)
Qigong-Dance Workshop 12 - 2pm

Tickets only £15:

Andrea and Alex invite you to participate in embodied and contemplative qigong and movement workshops that are open to all levels of ability from beginner to advanced practitioner levels. You will be taught traditional and contemporary energetic and movement expressions merging to enable you to appreciate ecological connections with landscapes and 3-dimensional spaces. Ancient Taoist techniques for mastering chi(qi) energy (progressively taught by Alex Boyd) alongside Laban / Bartenieff and energetics contemporary dance (with Andrea Maciel). The Laban practice named Space Harmony is based on universal patterns of nature and sacred geometric scales.

At the workshops you can expect to participate in solo, collective and contact based movement work sometimes with music. Immersive experiences can be described as sacred, allowing a safe space to connect with your instincts, release physical shields and enable sensorial connection. Movement as medicine!

Practitioner / Creative Labs 3 - 5pm (with Intercultural Roots)

Practitioner Labs: You will experience new methodologies from embodied research that enable sharing, collaboration and inquiry through diverse practices. You will be guided in following the collective intention of the group and to follow and listen to its' 'drift'. Non-empty spaces will open allowing moments for you to propose a direction for movement or activity or to respond to someone else's proposal through 'What If?'.

Taoist Centre Winter Workshop (Kidney and Bladder!)
Tonify your Kidney 'Jing' and the associated partner, the Bladder! Re-establish your roots for the new year ahead - these roots are connected with the water element and prepare you to sprout forward towards spring! The kidney is the ocean of the human body and supports the smooth movement of essences and fluids. You will learn to connect your ocean so it 'dwells with the stars' and how to conserve rather than leak your essential energy called 'Jing'. Tonification of your kidneys helps cultivate physical vitality (jing), this transforms to enable your nutritive qi (ying) and protective qi (wei) to be strong. Internally, your water essence will be sufficiently strong to control fire, and outside (qi) will be sufficient to ward off noxious influences. This is the route towards developing consciousness and mental clarity (shen).

Tickets only £15:

All welcome.  


Please arrive 10 minutes before the session and let the teacher know if you have a medical condition that affects you doing exercise. There will be audio-visual recording during the event, let the teacher know if you do not wish your image to be shown publicly.