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Mastering Chi (qi) Energy + Expressive Motion
This class invites you to immerse into organic dance movement in a permanent dialogue with your chi (qi) energy. We begin arousing the whole body-mind-spirit connections, freeing the breath and rooting the feet. You will be guided to connect with central and peripheral body impulses achieving connectivity and integrity in the body whilst addressing performativity and presence.
When the mastering of chi energy from Qi-gong meets the energizing dynamics of Contemporary Dance what we have is a body that emanates radiance and expands its energetic potential.We will be working with elements drawn from Laban/Bartenieff, cellular breathing, floor work, release technique.Unite your feminine and masculine energies through the catalyst of this Dance with Tao to cultivate your inner bliss!


Every Wednesday 16:00 – 17:30
May 1st - June 5th 2019


Tara Yoga Centre
25-31 Ironmonger Row, EC1V 3QW


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