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Chinese Taoist Arts for Body, Mind & Spirit
Qigong, Taiji, Daoyin, Self Defence, Health Arts


Dr Alex Boyd, Taoist Centre Teacher

On behalf of all the teachers at the Taoist Centre, welcome to our website. I really hope that the time and energy you invest in your training is as rewarding for you as it has been for myself.

I started training in the Taoist arts (Lishi) with my teacher when I was a teenager and I remember always feeling so much better after a class – I still do! Lishi is a Daoist yin / yang system which has taken me on many journeys both internally and externally, within myself and around the world. The Taoist arts can help you develop as a whole person – all of your energies. It can provide the fuel to enable you to live your dreams and hopefully develop to be a balanced person who contributes positively to our global community.

From spending many hours of my life in training halls immersed in my practice of the Taoist arts, my teacher guided me in progressing towards coaching. Training to become a coach and teacher has been an honour and is an in-depth way of really learning. The Taoist arts exist because of those people throughout its history who have dedicated themselves to learning and teaching. It is as relevant to peoples’ lives today as it has been for millennia – perhaps needed even more nowadays.

The teachers, assistants, students and friends of the Taoist Centre are really working well together and developing a culture and environment where really positive training can take place. We are constantly in need of people with skills and abilities who can help us to develop the Taoist arts further so please volunteer whatever help you can in contributing to this.

I am really looking forward to meeting you either through my own weekly classes or at the monthly weekend workshops and courses we organise.

In the Dao De Jing written by Laozi he says “A journey of a thousand miles starts from under the foot”. It is not by chance that you are reading this - you have already started your journey in Lishi! I wish you every success and offer my every support in your endeavours.

Bio: Research Associate, University of California at Davis


Chinese Taoist Arts for Body, Mind & Spirit
Qigong, Taiji, Daoyin, Self Defence, Health Arts

what we do

what to expect

A friendly atmosphere, a good work out and a fun way to get physically, emotionally and mentally fit. 

Get in touch with the power of your natural energy (Qi) and learn how to use it to improve your life. 
After the session you will leave feeling better than when you started!
All sessions are tailored to beginners and and no prior experience is needed. You can pay as you go so please feel free to come on your own or with someone else, everyone welcome.

what we do

We teach a wide range of ancient Chinese arts that have a great benefit for your health both internally and externally and are still relevant today.   
You will practice breathing exercises to help you relax, tai chi forms and yogic exercises to keep your body supple. Lishi is a great way to get fit and lose any surplus weight.

The movements and exercises have a self defence element to them relies on the power of your natural energy rather than being physically big or strong. Lishi harmonies the softness of a butterfly’s wings with the hardness of steel.

come along!

Lishi, is designed to make you as flexible, open, resilient, adaptable and creative as possible in body, mind and spirit.

An alternative way to feel energised, find inner peace and learn an ancient philosophy for life that works.

Taoism is the art and science of cultivating Qi- the energy that flows through the universe and all living beings, – and that includes you!

So, if you are looking for a way to feel more healthy and alive, come and join in!

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Chinese Taoist Arts for Body, Mind & Spirit
Qigong, Taiji, Daoyin, Self Defence, Health Arts

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